Are you totally of the grid?

Yes, we are not connected to the electricity network, or the water network.

All electricity comes from our solar panels and all water we use comes from the rain.

What water filter system do you use?

We have the earthship waterfiltersystem


Do you have to clean the filters?

We clean our filters every 2 weeks, it takes about 30 minutes

you just clean it with a sponge, so no cleaning products involved

Where do you get bottles and cans?

Be creative, do you have a snackbar in the area? You can ask them to help collecting the cans

Tell everyone you collect bottles and cans, When an association has a party you can ask them to collect their bottles...

How much does it cost to build an Earthship?

Well, that's a though one. We are convinced that it's cheaper to build an Earthship instead of a normal house,

and on top of that you have a house that's good for nature

Ofcourse the big costs are the systems, water, electricity, batteries, solarpanels, hot water solarpanel

If you use recuperation materials to build, offcourse this will be cheaper than buying everything new

You can chose to buy a new kitchen or you can recuperate an old one...


Did Michael Reynolds came over?

Michael Reynolds and his team came over for a few weeks to help building

Is it difficult to get a building permission in France?

We are not the people who build the Earthship, at first the permission was refused but then the builders did an information moment for the people from the town and then the second time, they've got their permission, I think you have to inform people about Earthship, that way they can understand what it is, and maybe they can open up their mind about these beautiful, sustainable buildings